Introduction to Counselling Skills (theory & practice)

Next course: January 15th, 2019. 

Venue: Held at GTI, Father Griffin road, Galway. 

Enrol: Enrol through GTI. 

Fee: €120. 

Times: Tuesday, 7-9.30pm, over 8 nights.  

Facilitator: Norman Warden.

This fascinating course introduces you to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy developing your understanding of the subject and practising the basic skills and principles underlying the use of counseling skills. 
Suitable for anyone interested in discovering more about the intriguing practice of counselling and psychotherapy and how to apply counselling skills and principles in relevant situations.

Course Content

  • Theoretical models and approaches.
  • Counselling and related interpersonal skills.
  • Overview of the counselling and psychotherapy field.
  • Career opportunities and best practice in training.
  • Best practice in accessing a competent therapist.
  • Counselling skills development through demonstration & practice. 
  • Applying counselling skills in relationships.
  • Understanding our emotions.

Please note that this course is of a practical and experiential nature involving self reflective exercises.

* If you wish to pursue a career in Counselling or Psychotherapy you may also want to consider the Foundation Certificate in Counselling or Psychotherapy


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