Integrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into your Practice

Next course: Monday nights over 8 weeks in early October, 2018. 

Venue: GTI, Galway city. 

Fee:  €120. Enrol through GTI.

Times: 7-9.30pm. 

An essential course for learning how to integrate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into your work with your clients. Relevant to health professionals (counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses etc.) who work directly with clients requiring psychosocial help. The course is ideal for meeting your continuing professional development needs.  


  • Forming an Hypothesis
  • Problems maintainence
  • Depression protocol 
  • Anxiety protocol
  • Thought Record work
  • Core belief work
  • Macro treatment
  • Socratic questioning
  • Behvioural experiments
  • Supervision

Facilitator: Norman Warden who has over 35 years experience of working as an integrative psychotherapist in UK and Ireland, initially working as a trained psychiatric nurse in the early 1980’s where he began his training in CBT. He is an accredited Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor (IACP & IAHIP). Lecturer in Integrative CBT at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Involved in psychotherapy training, supervision and clinical work since 1985 including 10 years full time work in the mental health services of NHS, UK. 

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