Clinical Supervision

Norman Warden

Senior Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer. IACP & IAHIP Accredited Supervisor. 

M.Coun (UCC), BA Training & Ed., (NUIG), RMN, Dip. Groupwork, European Certificate of PsychotherapyMIACPMIAHIP, SIAHIPMICPMEAP. Post graduate training in supervision from Trinity College, Dublin (120 hrs). An experienced clinical supervisor for psychotherapists and Counsellors from a wide range of backgrounds and theoretical approaches having been involved in psychotherapy supervision since 1986. Supervisor for trainees attending IAHIP and IACP recognised professional training programmes.

Note that "IAHIP and IACP have an agreement regarding “The mutual recognition of each organisation’s accredited Supervisors”. This means a Counsellor / Psychotherapist or a Student Counsellor / Psychotherapist can choose a Supervisor who is either an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor or an IACP Accredited Supervisor. 

Norman Warden is available for supervision in Furbo. Email, text or phone 0863954939. 

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