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EAP (european association for psychotherapy) Guidance: LinkPractical Tips: Link. To minimise intenet congestion avoid starting an online meeting on the hour (when most are starting their meetings!

Online Events  

Anam Cara launch  8 online Bereavement Support videos to help bereaved mother and fathers at this very difficult time. To access these resources and others please The videos cover the impact and challenges of the intense grief and devastation felt after the death of a child, of any age and through all circumstances for all family members. 

Elaine King, Galway Psychotherapist is running an Online Meditation session on a Tuesday evening.

4 themed wednesday workshops Online: 1. Anger,  April 8th. 2. Grief, Loss  April 15th. 3. Shame and Guilt, April 22nd. 4. Trauma, April 29th. Beginning each session with guided meditation, the option of art therapy and movement may be introduced. 9am to 12 noon. 6 to 8 participants. €60 each per session. Jim FitzGibbon MIAHIP. Ph 087 755 5680 is a gestalt psychotherapist.

Single -Session Therapy: Its use in CBT and Other Therapeutic Approaches. Webcast. 
Presented by Professor Windy Dryden 1st May 2020 or at anytime for 60 days £125 + VAT Click here for details and to book


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