Individual Psychotherapy

Norman Warden

M.Coun (UCC), BA Training & Ed., (NUIG), RMN, European Certificate of PsychotherapyMIACPMIAHIP

Senior Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer. IAHIP Accredited Psychotherapist; IACP Accredited Counsellor with 30 years extensive experience of working in the mental health services of UK and Ireland. An Integrative Psychotherapist who draws on many approaches including CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy, Gestalt and Emotion Focused Therapy. Available for consultation in Furbo, by appointment only. 

If you wish to enquire about making an appointment please email, text or phone 086 395 4939.

* Please note that I do not provide reports, assessments or other material to any third
parties in insurance claims, mediation or other dispute or legal processes. 


Dealing with Anger (2014); How to stop worrying (2013); How to Get a good night’s sleep (2013); Don't fight change (2013); Put off procrastinating (2012); Managing change in difficult times (2011); Blame your name (2004); Change for the Better (2000); A sense of the past (1999); Teen trouble (1996).

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