About GCS

Galway Counselling Studies (GCS) provides practical, experiential and innovative courses that help improve your life, relationships and career prospects. GCS was founded by Norman Warden in 1993, and is based in Furbo, Co. Galway, Ireland. The purpose of GCS is to provide high quality counselling training courses in the west of Ireland. 

GCS initially ran the Introduction to Counselling (which has continued in its popularity to this day) and in 1996 a professional diploma in counselling (1996-2003). We now specialise in providing access courses for entry to professional training, continuing professional development courses and post graduate training. 

Mission Statement

To provide creative, experiential, and innovative training courses in counselling, psychotherapy and personal development.

To aid interested individuals in their preparation, application and enrolment for further training towards becoming a counsellor, psychotherapist or related profession.

To offer training by experienced and accredited psychotherapists trainers with professional qualifications in both Psychotherapy and Training. 

To abide by the appropriate code of ethics and practice as professionals (IACP, IAHIP).

To maintain an awareness of, and commitment to anti-oppressive and non-discriminatory practice; encouraging the tolerance, respect and valuing of differences in people. 

To provide a professional supervisory/consultancy service.

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